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BBB speaks out about local Bridal Salon

August 19th, 2009

There’s an article in St. Louis Business Journal  Tuesday, August 18, 2009 about a Chesterfield Bridal shop that is getting a lot of complaints.  Thought you may want to be aware of it…….

Modern Architecture

August 17th, 2009


Floral Design doesn’t have to be lush to be interesting.  This design is a modern take on structural architecture.  The base of this design glows.  I have designed six other contemporary pieces that match which can be turned into an incredible grouping of interest.  Design doesn’t necessarily mean tons of flowers to be appreciated as art!

What’s HOT & What’s NOT

August 17th, 2009

scan00012Just received my new issue of Special Events Magazine.  There is a great article on What’s in, What’s Over.  Top Event Design companies from around the country were asked their views.  Here are the results:

Event Eleven, Los Angeles:

IN:  Hanging light fixtures from ceiling of event space, large customized props in open spaces, LED technology, video curtains, comfortable environment. 

OUT:  Back lit bars and buffets that glow, logos on pillows, lucite

Kehoe Designs, Chicago

IN: Color, Eco-events, Creative Theme events

OUT: Submerged Flowers, manzanita trees or branches

MGM Mirage Events, Las Vegas

IN:  Natural world meets upscale chic

OUT:  Black and white brocade

I would say in all honesty that I would have to agree with the comments.  I attended a design symposium in Feb 2003 in San Francisco.  One of the design ideas that I brought back were submerged flower designs.  I was the first designer in St. Louis to set the precedent of submerged designs upon which everyone followed.  I think they will always be beautiful, but use them for spectacular focal points here and there and not on every guest table.

Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts

August 17th, 2009










Petals Galore  Floral Art was priviledged to receive a private docent led tour of the show ” Old Masters”.   Amazining pieces of art, on loan from the St. Louis Art Museum and Harvard Art Museum.  The building itself is an amazing piece of art / architecture.  Upon entering the building you may have a sense of cold and sterile, but by the time I left I felt such a sense of calm that I wanted to stay all day.  I was not allowed to take photos in the building but I was able to take photos outside.  Look at this amazing water feature.









I could have sat by the water all day long!  The last part of the tour was meeting “JOE” designed by Richard Serra.  This sculpture was named Joe after Joe Pulitzer.  The inside is like a snail shell. You walk around in circles to the center.








Thank you for a wonderful day to the girls at the Pulitzer, Courtney, Hannah, and Christine.  The Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts is located at 3716 Wahington Blvd, St. Louis, MO  63108


Your Fashion Diva

August 14th, 2009

cimg0869This is your fabulous designer hard at work early in the morning at Market.  Of course, I am in a matching ensemble of Petals Galore T-shirt and Tote bag.  This certainly makes a fashion statement.  Not quite sure what statement that is, but one none the less!  I take fashion seriously no matter what I am doing!  Please laugh with me and not at me!

Great Show Yesterday – PWG Kemp August 2, 2009

August 3rd, 2009








Thanks to all of the Brides who stopped by and talked with us at the show!  A great time was had by all.  You lucky girls got  to meet our Lead Designer, Stephanie Stempf.  She is an amazing designer who trains all of our staff at Petals Galore Floral Art.

Our crowd favorites were the mini calla w/ green exotics bouquet and the Eggplant purple mini callas surrounded by green cymbidium orchids!  These were two of my personal favorites as well. 

Since these were incredibly popular designs, I want to offer this amazing BLOG special.  Mention that you saw us at the KEMP when your placing your order for one of these two amazing designs and you will save $20 off of the price of this bouquet!!!