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When we first met with you, we vaguely knew what we wanted. Somehow, you were able to create exactly what I had envisioned. When we saw the final results, it was exactly what we had wanted. We appreciate your extra efforts to find the right flowers for the bouquets and my hair and choosing the right color palette to match the bridesmaids gowns. We have received numerous compliments and our photographs look even more beautiful thanks to you.

--Sara and Andy (Photography by Susan Jackson)

Dear Sandra,

I searched long and hard to find the perfect florist for what every bride hopes will be her perfect day. I met with six other well-known St. Louis florists before sitting down with Sandra in her studio. I soon realized through all of these meetings that I need something more than just a florist. I needed a specialist to pull off the spectacular event that I was planning. Call me "selfish" but I didn't want to be just another "Happy Birthday" arrangement going out the shop door. For this reason and dozens of others, I am so glad that I chose Petals Galore. You and your staff actually understand what a wedding is all about.

It goes without saying that the flowers were exquisitely designed. Sandra, you are the master of creativity. Your floral creations were one of a kind. Our pastor even mentioned that it was the most beautiful wedding he had ever seen. All of our guests said the same thing, "The flowers were incredible!" What was even more significant to my family and myself was the service and care that went beyond the flowers. There are few other monumental moments in a person's life than getting married; and from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for all of you hard work and long hours. Your attention to detail made sure our wedding was completely without flaw or blemish. Eternal thanks to you and your staff.

--Stephanie and Charlie (Dave Keiser Photography)

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