"Flowers are sensual, they are beautiful, and when I design them, they are truly unforgettable. Why? Because I am so passionate about this business. For as long as I can remember, flowers have been an integral part of my life.

Imagine the touch of the stem, the smell of the scent, and the beauty in the petals. In my mind I can visualize the placement of every stem, see the finished design, and feel the passion that the flowers evoke. One comment I hear over and over again is, 'The flowers were more beautiful that I could ever have imagined.' Being able to combine the concepts of art and design is a very powerful tool.

All flowers evoke a certain magic, a certain mystery; this is why I love to work with all flowers, from roses to tropicals, and especially permanents. The ability to create in all mediums and do it well is the mark of a true designer. To all that I meet, I hope that I impart the appreciation of the artistry in floral design."

Photograph by Nordmann Photography.